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Van Tour Europe

Van tour... what the hell is it? If you're a part of the UK's antipodean community then you've probably heard of it but might not have a clue what it actually is. Sure, it involves vans and Europe but is it actually a tour? Put simply, van tour isn't actually an organised tour. It's basically a bunch of vans full of booze-swilling young people following the same route around Europe and meeting up along the way at major festivals and party towns. So get your van, get a crew and get amongst it!!

Van Tour Europe

Because most people on 'tour' are up for a good time, major summer festivals around Europe are the main stops. It all unofficially kicks off at Pamps (The Running of the Bulls) in July and finishes at Beerfest (Oktoberfest) in September. There's even an end of tour party at the Redback Tavern each year in Acton.

Walkabout Van Tour Insurance

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